Petra’s seminar was really thought provoking and energizing. It went further than I expected. I thought it would repeat other things I’d heard before but I appreciated the totally fresh focus.

Hermione M. – on the Flow Styler Seminar –‘ Find and Follow Your Career Flow ‘ at the Cabinet Office


Petra is an amazing coach. She is motivational, practical and thought provoking. She clearly cares about her clients and goes the extra mile to help them succeed. Anyone thinking of a change of career, finding what they are passionate about , or who wants to overcome a challenge should go and see Petra. She helped me change my Life.

Rachel Mumba, Cabinet Office


It's important to self-discover to be who you are no matter what and follow your happy trail .I’m the only one that can change my life or decide if this is going to be a good or bad day. Besides it is so much easier to flow into things than pushing and forcing everything around us to change instead. A big thank you Petra for all that you do and continuing to inspire more people to get with the flow :)

Lori Lavoie - Founder of Lori S Lavoie Photography


I can highly recommend Petra´s coaching! Go and try it out - you´ll be amazed how powerful coaching can be! Hanna Meiners - Founder of Bridging Cultures


I feel my Flow Styler sessions with Petra were extremely beneficial and eye opening in many aspects of my life. Petra is a great listener, which allowed me to really dig within and express thoughts I might have not had said out loud before.I felt Petra`s gentle approach has definitely helped me create a space where I felt free to test and experiment and play with new ideas.

On the other hand she can also be very intuitive andusing great questions she often helped me see certain internal patterns, which were no longer serving my highest interest. She challenged these patterns, habits and beliefs, which allowed me to reassess and re-evaluate the tools, ways and attitudes I use in order to achieve what I desire and create a reality I want.

Ivana Vilhanova, Manager/Coach



"Petra is a terrific coach. She offers practical help with the minutiae of life and before you know it, the big stuff's working too. With her pragmatic approach, concentrating on what is working, rather than what isn't, she makes the whole thing an enjoyable and positive experience. Some people think that coaching is akin to therapy but this couldn't be further from the truth. Whereas therapy dredges up the ghosts of the past, Flow Styler coaching empowers you with an arsenal of practical tools to help you get the most from your day and embrace the future with hope. High praise from one of life's cynics." Rob Young, Screen & Theatre - script writer ( 'Miranda' & 'Ex' ) ( See Linked In Recommendations )


' I was impressed by Petra’s coaching as she was quickly able to make me feel at ease and relaxed throughout the process. Petra’s empathetic and warm voice helped me tap into deeper issues that were keeping me from moving forward with my goals. I found myself encouraged to take action after each session with effective results. I have immensely enjoyed working with Petra.' Samudra W.


' FlowStyler Coaching with Petra was an extremely positive experience. Petra is a kind, talented and committed coach with great passion for her work. Petra is professional and objective yet empathetic and encouraging. I´m very grateful for the coaching sessions that I could experience with Petra, as it gave me more awareness about my own thought patterns and the million excuses that prevented me from changing small things in my life.

It was also a very healing experience to realize, that all answers come from within: I myself can find the right answers and solutions. Stepping into action is just a matter of becoming aware of one´s own thought patterns first. Just the awareness alone makes change possible. Even though I come from a yoga background and have been exposed to various techniques earlier, I found the tools used during the coaching session very helpful. They will definitely be helpful in the future to work on any goals in life.' Hanna Meiners, Founder of Bridging Cultures (See Linked In Recommendations )


'I found Petra's FlowStyler coaching style very friendly and relaxed, yet professional: she was able to put me at ease and I felt comfortable with sharing my feelings and fears about continuing building my business. Attending the session has given me a more focused approach and I will certainly use the materials she has provided for me. Petra's heart is in the right place and she is an amazing coach, who genuinely wants to help people on their road to success: I highly recommend her!'

Elena Barbieri - Founder Elena's KittyCare.com


' FlowStyler Coaching with Petra really helped me identify some of my most important goals, and to come to my own decisions about how to achieve them. Our sessions were productive, motivating and also fun, and I left each one feeling uplifted, positive and driven. Over the five sessions I spent seeing Petra I realised my central goal is to be a writer. This seems so obvious now, but it was only through Petra's visualisation exercises and the questions she asked me that I was able to find something out about myself which now seems so obvious. I'm on my way to achieving my goal. I would recommend that anyone who feels they need a little help to unravel their thoughts should give coaching with Petra a go.' R.Singh, Writer/Editor


' Working with Petra has been extremely useful to access my full potential as an entrepreuneur and leader. Thanks for the FlowStyler Programme, my business now is a success and I am able to implement all the aspects of our global strategies being extremely precise and effective. I highly recommend the super modern Technics of the Flow Styler Programme to everyone willing to achieve a real life success and become an inspiring leader.' F.Ribeiro - Founder of Spottingstyle.com


For anything to grow, much less thrive, you must create a strong base. A tree must plant its roots deep in the rich soil, a lioness must learn how to hunt and protect her young, and a marathoner must create a foundation of endurance and strength. Your base consists of two parts: an extraordinary psychology and mindset as well as effective strategies for creating the lifestyle and habits that will produce ongoing results.” Anthony Robbins

' I started with this quote to say, the sessions we have had have really helped me to create my required strong base and discipline for my life and how to focus my thoughts to stay in line. I can see why people have a Coach for various areas of their life as once you start having the accountability with yourself, it makes all the difference.

I am really enjoying working through this with Petra. She is really animated and encouraging and shares her enjoyment of watching me discover and enjoy myself as I literally grow in to me!'

T.Joseph, Theatre director


' Really inspired by Petra's compassionate and motivated approach, she has a infectious energy! The FlowStyler coaching has helped me Break down my goals into small steps which I feel is crucial for any ambition or dream and to embrace my fears without regret.' Lucy Arthur, Voice over specialist


Petra helped me identify what I really wanted to archive and set a clear and realistic goal for the session. We built rapport very quickly with Petra and this helped me to open up and express my feelings easily. Petra asked me questions that helped me come up with new ideas and solutions that I wouldn't have considered before. This was particularly helpful for me and I will take this learning for my future goals. By the end of the session I had clear actions and Petra challenged me in terms of the setting time lines around the actions. It was a real pleasure to have Petra as my coach and I would have her as my coach in the future. Thank you! Andrea Matuz, Manager/ResultsCoach


Just three Flow Styler coaching sessions with Petra have had a fantastic positive impact on my feelings about challenges I am currently facing. Petra helped me make sense of the tangle of ideas and emotions I was harbouring regarding my career. She provided a calm and flexible framework for exploring these. These sessions helped me create action plans week on week and take the small first steps that make all the difference. I also set longer term goals and identified the core values that make me tick in general. Feeling clearer on these makes such a difference, it means I can actually work towards the goals. I have made a lot of progress as a result. This space to think which Petra provided, helped me take a big decision to accept an exciting job offer. The Flow Styler sessions gave me a place to identify what I wanted and a forum to air my worst case scenarios.' Selina Jones, Account manager


' I valued not being judged at any time during our sessions and becoming aware of what I am able to achieve through the coaching process. Petra is easy to work with and I would highly recommend her.' Marli Netterberg, Baby maseuse/ Entrepreneur


'Thank you so much for the Flow Styler coaching, it definitely made a difference to me. I also wanted to say I don't think you know how good you are and definitely believe in yourself all the way because you are very good at it.' Lucy A.




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