My name is Petra and I'm a

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Empowering Lawyers who are 'this close'

to quitting their job OR who feel disheartened by the lack of passion & purpose in their lives to

' Find & Follow their Flow' ,

find direction, work/life balance & create a career around their unique potential & passion

one easy step at a time.


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As seen on Juicy Life Juicy You SUMMIT Friday 15 January - 31 January 2016.

Petra - the FlowStyler interviewed by Juicy Life Summit hosI, Karen Reinhold, from the US.


'Find & Follow Your Flow'©


I found it a real challenge to find my Flow. I’d been of the belief that work was tiring, boring and all consuming so I did not, at first, question why I was feeling exhausted, stressed and hopeless working as a paralegal and studying at Law School. What had happened was that I had followed my late father’s dream for me to become a high flying solicitor.


When this finally dawned on me and I finally had the courage to leave the legal field (and quit Law School) with it's rat race, exhausting hours and bad habits, I was so disconnected from myself that I did not know what else to do!


I was completely stranded –I’d lost my direction – My Flow. A scary and confusing time. This however took me on an incredible and empowering journey where I realised how powerful and life changing Finding & Following our Flow can be.



’Knowing ourselves is the single most empowering and powerful example we can pass onto our children. Allowing them too to be who they are and do what they are passionate and fantastic at!’ ’ The Flow Styler


Who will benefit from the FlowStyler Programme?


The FlowStyler Programme is there to help women & Lawyers, like you, who feel trapped, aimless, stressed, bored, over skilled, or just underappreciated in their current role OR Lawyers who are on a career break (voluntary/redundancy, sabbatical) and dreading to go back to their old job: To make a transformation into using their authentic strengths and passions –their Flow - every day in their work and private life. In choosing the right type of work for us, using our passions and talents, we create that empowered, happy, balanced and self-actualizing career & life.


Can you relate to any of these?


  • Do you want to make a change in your career but are unsure where to start
  • Feel disconnected from your true self or overwhelmed with making the right decisions
  • Feel there is more to your career than what you currently haven but do not know what else to do
  • Want to feel more motivated, energized and inspired when working towards your career aspirations
  • Have noticed that you are very negative and want to find more joy and wonder
  • Want to be more proactive in working towards your career aspirations and dreams
  • Struggle with self-doubt and want to love and empower yourself


Are you ready for Your Flow ?


If you think you are ready & eager to make a transformation to empowerment contact me here and find out how I can specifically help YOU on your journey.


Sign up to your Consultation Session here and get your 1st action towards your authentic transformation without any investment except your enthusiastic wish to make a change in your life.


''We all have the need to understand why we are here. When we feel we matter, that we do have something we can do with our Skills and Passions our Life turns around.'' The Flow Styler


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The FlowStyler Interview

'How she Found & Followed her Flow'


~ Efe Ezekiel ~

Founder of Ushine Ishine - Mentoring

for young people


When you meet Efe you know you are in the presence of energy. Efe shines! Here is a woman who is unapologetically herself and determined to spread the word about being who you are to others. Efi's mentoring work therfore focuses on young adults who are under ever more pressure from the media, social media and peer pressure to conform instead of be who they are. Find out Efe's journey to Finding & Following herself and her Flow.


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What people say about Petra:

Petra is an amazing coach. She is motivational, practical and thought provoking. She clearly cares about her clients and goes the extra mile to help them succeed. Anyone thinking of a change of career, finding what they are passionate about , or who wants to overcome a challenge should go and see Petra. She helped me change my Life. Rachel Mumba, -Cabinet Office


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