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How I found my Flow

Petra Tourunen, the Founder of the FlowStyler Programme is committed to creating awareness to the importance of cultivating self-awareness, listening to and learning to trust our Inner Unique Guiding System (IUGS) to make sure we are in the driver's seat of our life.

Our true passion(s), backed up with our natural strenghts andtalent, will lead us to the possibility to fully self-actualizing and fulfiling our potential which naturally makes us happy (and healthier..losing all that stress..). We are doing something that resonates with us, we love doing and we are great at.

My mission is to empower women all around the world to find and follow their Flow, beacuse nothing empowers us more than being able to use

our given talents and potential to the maximum.'

Unearthing all this and then honing it can take us some time. Some find it easier than others, but each and every one of us has it within us. And woman,.. does life get exciting when you do tap into your Flow!


Being in your Flow: The state where your passion(s)(something that rises above all your interests) and natural talent merge.


Petra started her career in the legal field after finishing her Degree in Law. She worked for several Law firms in London and Helsinki, including Nokia's legal department before slowly starting to realise that this wasn't quite her dream. As much as she enjoyed helping people with their legal cases and the perceived status it brought with it, deep down she knew this wasn't quite right. It felt like she was living someone else's life. She was unhappy, drained and constantly exhausted. This wasn't what she had signed up for. But the probem was she did not know what else she could do.


One lunch break eating again at her desk, she remembered some stories she had written and illustrated in her teens. She remembered how she had enjoyed doing it. And started to draw on the spot. An hour flew by. The feeling that followed from drawing caught her by surprise. What was this ? Where did this come form? She hadn't felt this happy for - too many years.

It was this feeling she had suddenly connected with that made her stir. There must be something else out there I am not tapping into, something bigger than this! With this sudden revelation in her mind she decided there and then to go after it and explore!


However it wasn't easy to just quit the legal field. She had no idea what else she could do and there was the self-doubt and the resistance – 'What if I made the wrong decision ? What if I fail ? Will I be throwing away years of hard work? What will the everyone else think.'' The rat race of long hours and bad habits had also done their damage and she felt disconnected, restless and exhausted. And what was she was quitting for? A doodle?

But she couldn't forget the feeling that it had sparked in her. This was something else. Scared to death she quit the legal field and dropped out of Law School to embark on a journey to find what that feeling was. And what she discovered was far beyond what she could ever have imagined.


Whilst working in sales and management she started studying around her fascination with our brain's functioning and mind's power and the impact of finding the self, your Flow, on how we view work and thus life in general. She completed her Post Graduate Diploma in change management but soon realised that her passion did not lie in helping corporations grow and manage change but the individual in it to find their ideal work and environemnt that suites their strenghts, interests and values and helping them grow into their higher selves.


A few months later a friend suggested her to go and check out a free two day Coaching course which she thought would be perfect for her – and indeed. Suddenly Petra realised she had found the platform to help others to discover and create a life for themselves they love waking up to. This was what she had been reading about and working towards finding at every corner. She had discovered her passion and purpose - her Flow – her truth which matched all her strengths, values and beliefs.

It was within two days, whilst still working in management, Petra enrolled on a course with the Coaching Academy and embarked on her journey of setting up her own business. And the rest is history! Petra now mentors and coaches in the South West and central London or through Skype connecting with people all around the globe.



I am humbled to have been part of so many people's journeys in rediscovering and finding themselves and what they truly and authentically want to achieve in their lives. Seeing my clients gain the confidence, belief and clarity to go for what they really want and excel beyond their own expectations is the best part of being a coach.



Petra's other passions lie in the creative field. She completed her Foundation in Art and Design in 2013 and a year after did her Painting Masterclass with Francis Bowyer. Petra is currently preparing for a summer Free Art House exhibition, where she is looking forward to exhibiting her work.


As Oprah Winfrey so aptly puts it: 'I had no idea that being your authentic self could make me as rich as I've become. If I had, I'd have done it a lot earlier.' It is up to you to define what that richness, that success is for you. Because only you can choose to discover and create that unique you. If you do search and follow your authentic self, your Flow, you will be surprised at how much energy, power, belief and potential lies within you to help you on your journey. We are the tip of evolution. Let us continue to create a future for our children that lets them express who they truly are.


Through Petra's FlowStyler Programme, you too can rediscover that the power to transform your life does lie within your reach. Knowledge of the self is power and coaching facilitates you do just that - to find your Flow and reach out for a life on your terms!



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Working with Petra has been extremely useful to access my full potential as an entrepreuneur and leader. Thanks for the FlowStyler -Coaching, my business now is a success and I am able to implement all the aspects of our global strategies, being extremely precise and effective. I highly recommend the super modern Technics of Flow Styler to everyone willing to achieve a real life success and become an inspiring leader.' F. Ribeiro Founder of Spottingstyle.com


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