From Confusion & Dread to

Authentic Clarity & Flow

That’s just the way it is. Work is boring, tiring and all consuming.

Finding yourself ? At your age? What about your children?

Change jobs? We could be heading back to recession. It’s too risky!

Doing what exactly? You don't even know what you want to do!

How many of us have heard this; well-meaning friends, colleagues, partners and parents, even wider society, giving us guidance and advice on what we 'should' do.

Which is great when the individuals own hopes and dreams are supported. But when in the process our unique inner voice that is piping up inside, telling us what we really want to do, is discarded we can get in all sorts of trouble.


Like I did… I was one of those who discarded their authentic inner voice and went with other’s well-meaning opinions and suggestions. My beloved late father always dreamt of being a lawyer so somehow the dream was passed onto me. But from the word ’go’ I knew things were not right. I watches others learn with hunger and could not relate to their passion. I used my willpower to plough through my Law degree but with hard work and some tears got all the way to Law School and even was promised a training contract at a small Law firm. But still there was that nagging voice…telling me this wasn’t right, which I discarded as I could not see what else there was for me.


The longer I worked in the legal field the more stressed and exhausted I became. The long hours, lack of passion (and still using my willpower) started to take its toll. I got into bad habits which further reinforced my alienation and disconnection from my true self, I started to feel hopeless and depressed, all my energy was draining out of me. Was this it, working life! I felt powerless to make a change as I did not know where to start. But then back home my beloved father passed away and exhausted I decided to drop out of Law School. But it still took me another few years to really distance myself from the legal field, because the scary part was – I did not know what else I could do. So began my ferocious search for who I am and what I am about. And what I found was beyond what I had expected.


Finding your Flow changes everything

'My mission is to empower women all around the world to find and follow their Flow, beacuse nothing empowers us more than being able to use

our given talents and potential to the maximum.'

As an Career and Confidnce Coach I want to share my FlowStyler Programme with you with the researched, tried and tested amazing tools that I found helped me to become clear on my Flow, follow my Flow and live my Flow every day. But most of all - How we know what we truly and authentically want.


The FlowStyler Programme will help you to :

Connect you with the authentic,strong and balanced woman inside you.

  • Clarify what you want & where you want to go
  • Find what you really & authentically are passionate about
  • Rediscover the wisdom you have inside you
  • Feel the joy and abundance in your life
  • Make decisions with ease & embrace transformation
  • Feel passion & inspiration flow back into your life
  • Feel motivated, energised and driven
  • Become the confident, strong, loving and self-respecting woman that you want to be
  • Restructure your priorities & take daily action toward your aspirations and dreams
  • Tap into the belief that you can & deserve to make a change


Finding my Flow - my what else - changed my life. Nothing empowers us more than being able to use our given talents and potential to the maximum. I want to help you to make that authentic transformation too.


What do I mean when I talk about Flow?

(And why make sure you find it?)

'We all have interests, however Being in your Flow is the state where your passion(s)(something that rises above all your interests) and natural talent merge. Some call this passion, element, common sense, 'so me'.

I call it Flow.

When we are doing something that we are passionate about we do it with ease, we take deep satisfaction in doing it and time just flies. It is where we are in tune with our most authentic selves. Each one of us has talent and huge potential. It is just a matter of pinpointing it and cultivating it - Find & Follow Your Flow.

Successful people seem to know this secret. They choose their avenue to pursue depending on where their Flow lies. These people are in their Flow when doing what they love to do and what they are their most authentic at.

We all have unique Flow(s) and the knowledge within us to find and follow that Flow. I can help you to tap into that information and make you see what you are fantastic and natural at, love to do and then help you create a life & career around it.

The Benefits of

Finding & Following your Flow

When you start to discover your Flow :

  • It gives you energy as you are doing more of what you love doing and are fantastic at.
  • Your sense of identity is purified.
  • It makes you healthier as there is no 'bad stress' involved
  • Your confidence and the belief in yourself grow
  • You start to honour yourself
  • You feel good and people around you want to feel good too
  • Your are able to spot opportunities that come your way
  • You accept yourself for who you are - with whatever skills you have or don't have because you know you have found your unique self & potential
  • You find wisdom within you and calmness enters
  • There is hope and excitement about the future.
  • You have the strength not to settle for a mediocre life that isn't connected to your identity & Flow.
  • You learn to focus on the good in life.
  • Your purpose in this life is clarified
  • It makes you realise what power you have within to create a life you want and so honour the creator(s) work. Yourself.


Find out more about my Flow Styler Programme here



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What people say

about Petra:

Coaching with Petra was an extremely positive experience. Petra is a kind, talented and committed coach with great passion for her work. Petra is professional and objective yet empathetic and encouraging. I´m very grateful for the FlowStyler sessions that I could experience with Petra, as it gave me more awareness about my own thought patterns and the million excuses that prevented me from changing small things in my life.

It was also a very healing experience to realize, that all answers come from within: I myself can find the right answers and solutions. Stepping into action is just a matter of becoming aware of one´s own thought patterns first. Just the awareness alone makes change possible. ' Hanna Meiners, Founder of Bridging Cultures (See Linked In Recommendations )


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