The Programme

the Programme : 'Find & Follow Your Flow'©

I'm Petra and I'm the FlowStyler - an Authenticity & Transformational Coach.

I empower women & Lawyers who are 'this close' to quitting their job OR who feel disheartened by the lack of passion & purpose in their lives to' Find & Follow their Flow', find direction, work/life balance & create a career around their unique potential & passion, one easy step at a time.


Women & Lawyers who don't know what else to do OR who are on a career break and dreading to go back to their old job to first Find & Follow their Flow and become the authentic, strong and balanced woman that they are.


The FlowStyler Programme is there to help women & Lawyers, like you, who feel trapped, aimless, stressed, bored, over skilled, or just underappreciated in their current role to make a transformation into using their authentic strengths and passions –their Flow - every day in their work and private life. In choosing the right type of work for us, using our passions and talents, we create that empowered, happy, balanced and self-actualizing career & life.


I have combined my ten years of research and experience in finding my Flow, the hurdles of leaving the legal field and becoming the woman that I want to be, leading and training teams, with my Coaching training at the Coaching Academy, to create the FlowStyler Programme.












The FlowStyler Programme will help you to :

Connect you with the authentic,

strong and balanced woman inside you.


  • Clarify what you want & where you want to go
  • Find what you really & authentically are passionate about
  • Rediscover the wisdom you have inside you
  • Feel the joy and abundance in your life
  • Make decisions with ease & embrace transformation
  • Feel passion & inspiration flow back into your life
  • Feel motivated, energised and driven
  • Become the confident, strong, loving and self-respecting woman that you want to be
  • Restructure your priorities & take daily action toward your aspirations and dreams
  • Tap into the belief that you can & deserve to make a change


The FlowStyler Programme for Women & Lawyers:

'Find & Follow Your Career Flow'©

The ONE to ONE power Sessions


You can choose from three different FlowStyler Programmes

to start to get to know that authentic, strong & balanced woman that you are

and Find & Follow your Flow


FlowFinder Programme


The FlowFinder programme will help you start to identify what your unique Flow could be and start to find out what your truly and authentically want and aspire to. You will start to reconnect with your inner wisdom (or IUGS) and clarify your values and beliefs that are a vital sign post to where you want to go. You will start to understand how your limiting beliefs might stop you or hold you back from finding and following your Flow and gain some tools to start to work on them. You will come out of the sessions motivated, inspired and energized with clarity to put the step by step action plans into motion.


FlowFollower Programme

Once we have found our Flow it can be difficult to stay in it or find ways to connect back to it. The FlowFollwer Programme will help you to identify what your unique Flow is, reconnect with your inner wisdom (or IUGS) and give you tools to stay in your Flow. You will feel motivated, energised and confident in following your unique Flow and your true dreams.

You will identify and process what stops you from following your Flow thought the FlowBlock Removal Sessions and enable you to tap into your self-belief to keep Following your Flow.

The FlowMentoring Sessions will help you stay on track and help you build on Following your Flow with the help of thorough step by step action plans that will see you move forward with confidence each time.


FlowStyler Programme


After the FlowStyler Programme you will Know and Live your Flow. You will have identified your Flow, removed any blocks that were in your way, created a short and long term robust action plan to keep you on the right track and see yourself live your life on your terms following your true values to happiness, empowerment and authenticity. You will feel fabulous, relieved and excited - trusting your Flow to guide you to your purpose.

Nothing empowers us more than being able to use our passions

and potential to the maximum.

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What people say about Petra:

TheFlowStyler sessions with Petra really helped me identify some of my most important goals. I would recommend that anyone who feels they need a little help to unravel their thoughts should give the Flow Styler Programme with Petra a go. '

R.Singh, writer


theFlowStyler now @

'' I'm the woman who helps Women & Lawyers find their Career passion & purpose back ''