Are you ready to be empowered

to make a change & connect with the

authentic, strong and centred self within?


Here is the chance to start your journey now. I’m inviting you benefit from this confidential 30minute Consultation Session with your 1st action plan for no investment.


The confidential Consultation Session will help you to pinpoint where you authentically wish to see a transformation in and how to take the 1st Free Action Step to move towards it. Just turn up as yourself!



During our call you will start to see clarity into:


  • What you authentically want more of in your life
  • Be reminded of the strong, empowered and balanced self inside you
  • Feel your motivation and energy shift
  • Receive The 1st Free Action Step towards transforming your life & getting you on your journey to becoming the empowered person that you are.



The 30 minute call is there for Lawyers who :


  • are 'this close' to taking a career break or quitting their job but know this would not solve the problem
  • Want & are dedicated to make a change in their life
  • Are ready for self-discovery and transformation
  • Feel deep inside they have more to offer & are willing to connect to that wisdom within
  • Feel they would benefit from expertise advice in how to connect to their authenticity, confidence and Flow to make a transformation


ARE you ready to look inside and discover that your dreams and aspirations can come true ?


If you think you could benefit from this exclusive 30minute Confidential Consultation with the FREE 1st action step that could set a transformation in motion - Book your session with Petra now!






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'I found Petra's FlowStyler coaching style very friendly and relaxed, yet professional: she was able to put me at ease and I felt comfortable with sharing my feelings and fears about continuing building my business. Attending the session has given me a more focused approach and I will certainly use the materials she has provided for me.


Petra's heart is in the right place and she is an amazing coach, who genuinely wants to help people on their road to success: I highly recommend her!'


Elena Barbieri - Founder Elena's


theFlowStyler now @

'' I'm the woman who helps Women & Lawyers find their Career passion & purpose back ''